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He was born in 1997 in Istanbul. Passing the level exam in the 8th grade, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. He was accepted to the full-time piano and part-time clarinet departments at the State Conservatory. He got a certificate by completing the “Part Time Clarinet Training” (six levels) program. He studied with Asst. Assoc. Perim HAMIDOGLU and Prof.  Burcu AKTAS URGUN. In 2013, he won the conservatory soloist selection exam with the first place and performed a concerto with Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Young Orchestra at Besiktas Fulya Art Center and Yunus Emre Culture Center. n 2014, he won the “Best Turkish Composer Interpreter” award at the Pera International Piano Competition. He attended masterclasses of such masters as Prof. Tamara PODDUBNAYA, Assoc. Dr. Ferid ADIGUZELZADE, Philippe RASKIN. e completed high school in the piano department of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University State Conservatory and passed the license exam and gained the right to continue the undergraduate. However, he preferred Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music State Conservatory Composition Department as it includes the Turkish makam music curriculum as well as classical Western music. He studied Harmony, Orchestration, Counterpoint and Polyphony in Turkish Music with Lecturer Dr. Nail YAVUZOGLU. He continued his composition studies with Asst. Prof. Dr.  Eray ALTINBUKEN Asst. Prof. Dr.  Oguzhan BALCI. During his undergraduate period, he continued his piano studies with Prof. Devlet Devrim OZTAS. e worked as an assistant student at the ITU State Conservatory for two terms as the correpetrator of the ITU TMDK Polyphonic Choir. The composition “What if I Say”, written for Kanun, Kemençe, Ney, Piano and Soprano, was performed at the Greek Thessaloniki State Conservatory Music Festival (SKG Bridges Festival) in May 2019. He composed Fuzuli’s “Water Ode” for the International Organization of Waterways Cities on order. Throughout his career,He held many musical seminars and performed many piano recitals.

Gunes Yakartepe is currently a graduate student of Istanbul Technical University Institute of Social Sciences “Music Theory and Composition”. She continues her piano and composition studies.During his education; He composed many music in various genres including maqam music, chamber music and symphonic structure.

His Works:

“Nocturne” for Piano and Violin

Theme and Variations for Piano and Clarinet 

Sonata for Piano and Flute “To My Mother” 

“Aylan’s Scream” for Piano and Soprano 

“What if I say/Desem ki” for Kanun, Kemençe, Ney, Piano & Soprano 

Piece for Orchestra 

“The Quest” for Kanun, Kemençe, Ney and String Orchestra 

•”Cosmos” for Strings Orchestra 

“Turkish Symphonic Dance No: 1” for orchestra 

“I’m Afraid” for the Big Orchestra and Choir 

“Incomprehensible” for the Grand Orchestra and Choir