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Arda İşkol


Arda İşkol (born 7 June 1998) is a Turkish composition student. He was accepted in Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory in 2009 as a violin student. He studied violin for seven years and in this period, he was part of several masterclasses and gave plenty concerts in Turkey and in Europe with orchestras, ensembles and also as a solo player. After studying violin, he started his composition studies in 2016. Since then, he participated some well known Turkish composers masterclasses. In winter semester 2019/20 he studied composition at the Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe within the Erasmus program. In his time there, he had the chance to study with Wolfgang Rihm and Markus Hechtle. He won a prize for his composition in a lied competition organized for German poet Friedrich Hölderlin’s 250th birthday. He also won the first prize of Süreyya Oper Kadıköy Municipality Competition in 2022. Currently he continues his composition studies with Turgay Erdener in Turkey.

His Works:
•Chase, night & blue' - for ensemble (2019)
•Violin Concerto (2020)
•Lied der Liebe - for soprano & piano (2020)
•Plusieurs Occurrences - for flute, bass clarinet, trompet, percussion & piano (2020)
•Cello Concerto (2020)
•String Quartet (2020)
•Mouvement for Orchestra (2021)

Cem Esen

Pianist - Composer

Born in 1997 in Adana. He started his piano education at the age of 6 with Can Çoker and continued his studies with him between 2005-2010. Between 2010-2015 he studied at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University State Conservatory with Metin Ülkü. In 2015 he passed all the exams at Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien successfully and started to study with Roland Krüger and has been continuing his studies ever since.

In 2012 he was summoned by Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts to play in a two-piano concert with Gülsin Onay at the foundation’s festival. He was summoned by Antalya Piano Festival in the same year. In 2018 he was summoned by Antalya Piano Festival again and at Gürer Aykal’s request he premiered his first Piano Sonata at the festival. He was summoned by Sofia Music Festival, where his recital was broadcasted by the national radio. He was awarded with cultural success award in 2020 by Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World. Between 2019-2020 6 of his albums were released. Besides his piano performing career, he has got more than 95 released works under 32 Opus numbers.

He has attended masterclasses of Stephen Kovachevich, Johan Schmidt, Diana Anderson, Peter Florian, Junn Kanno, Fazıl Say, Gülsin Onay, Andrea Luccesini, Emre Şen and Ludmil Angelov.

Cem Esen is Scholar of Ç.E.V. Sanat since 2010.

• 2010 – 5th International Pera Piano Competition Istanbul / Turkey 2nd Prize
• 2010 – Başkent University National Chopin Piano Competition Ankara / Turkey 2nd Prize
• 2011 – 6th International Pera Piano Competition Istanbul / Turkey 3rd Prize and Best Chopin Interpretation Prize
• 2011 – F. Chopin Competition held in Jelenia Gora / Poland Final Mention
• 2012 – 1st Ahmet Adnan Saygun Piano Competition in Gümüşlük – Muğla / Turkey 1st Prize
• 2012 – Delfhi Games Piano Competition in Astana / Kazakhistan Bronze Medal
• 2013 – Maria Herrero Piano Competition Granada / Spain 3rd Prize
• 2014 – Chopin Piano Competition in Narva / Estonia Most Original Interpretation Prize
• 2014 – International Young Musicians Piano Competition in Enschede / The Netherlands Best Contemporary Music Interpretation Prize
• 2015 – Vedat Kosal Piano Competition in Istanbul / Turkey 2nd Prize
• 2015 – Malta International Piano Competition Varletta / Malta 3rd Prize and Jury’s Special Award

His works:

Op.1 Scarlet (for Piano & String Orchestra)
Op.2 Elegy (for Violin & Piano)
Op.3 Fantaisie Polonaise (for Piano)
Op.4 Piano Sonata No.1 (for Piano)
Op.5 Romance (for Cello & Piano)
Op.6 7 Little Impromptus (for Piano)
Op.7 Serbest Varyasyonlar / Free Variations (for Piano)
Op.8 Piano Sonata No.2 (for Piano)
Op.9 Trajik Liedler / Tragic Lieder (9 Lieds) (for Mezzo-Soprano & Piano)
Op.10 Cosmic Variations (for Piano & Orchestra)
Op.11 Nocturne (for Piano)
Op.12 Akşam Güneşi Liedleri / The Evening Sun Lieder (9 Lieds) (for Tenor & Piano)
Op.13 Fantaisie (for Trombone & Piano)
Op.14 Flute Sonata No.1 (for Flute & Piano.)
Op.15 12 Waltzes (for Piano)
Op.16 Symphony (for Orchestra)
Op.17 Ballade (for Piano)
Op.18 Flute Sonata No.2 (for Flute & Piano)
Op.19 Quarantine Diaries (7 Different Pieces for 7 Different Musician that written every day in 7 days)
Op.20 Fantaisie for Brass Quintet on Theme of “Sarı Gelin” and “Ayrılık” (for Horn, 2 Trumpets, Trombone & Tuba)
Op.21 The Blue Fairy Preludes (for Solo Flute)
Op.22 Symphonic Ballet Suite “The Blue Fairy” (for Orchestra)
Op.23 Cello Sonata (for Cello & Piano)
Op.24 Violin Sonata (for Violin & Piano)
Op.25 Intermezzo (for Piano)
Op.26 String Concertante (for String Orchestra / Chamber String Orchestra)
Op.27 Hypatia (for 4 Hands Piano)
Op.28 Nymph (for Piano)
Op.29 Etude (for 4 Hands Piano)
Op.30 Fantasy (for Violin & Piano)
Op.31 Pavane (for Flute & Piano)
Op.32 Moment Musical (for 2 Violins & Piano)


7 Schumann-Esen Dichterliebe Piano Transcriptions (for Piano)
4 Lullabies (for Piano)
2 Caprices (for Solo Violin)
Scherzo (for Solo Violin)
Pavane (for Flute & Piano)
Abendständchen “Lied” (for Soprano & Piano)
Wild Nights “Lied” (for Mezzo-Soprano & Cello)
“Kayıp Köy” / “Lost Village” (for Solo Flute)
Prelude & Fuge (for Choir)
“Sarı Gelin” Transcription (for 2 Violins & Piano)
“Ayrılık” Transcription (for Trombone & Piano)

Engin Gürkey

Percussionist - Composer

He was born in Istanbul in 1967. He started his music education in 1976 with Yücel Berrak in the Percussion Department of the Istanbul Municipal Conservatory. In 1992, he successfully graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory. The artist started working as an instructor at the school he graduated the same year. In 1994, he completed his master's degree in Istanbul University State Conservatory Percussion Department.

In 2000, he wrote a program for world percussion and rhythms in two di%erent formations, academic and amateur "RITIMCE". The artist, who uses Turkish, Latin American and African percussion instruments as well as classical percussion instruments, founded the Istanbul Percussion Ensemble in 1992, the first female percussion ensemble of our country "ZİLLİ" in 2006, and "Istanbul Rhythm Theater" in 2012. In 2004, he took part in the establishment of the Istanbul Technical University MIAM Percussion Department. He became the first instructor of the department. He drew attention to the importance of musical dialogues. Positive reactions came from Japan, America, France, Italy, England, Greece, Germany and Russia in the "Personal Entrepreneur Project". In this context, artistic events were organized in Turkey and abroad for percussion students.

In 2010, he prepared and presented the 13-part "Thousand and One Languages of Music" program for TRT. 2013 National Toca Percussion Festival and Competition, 2014 National Oke Percussion Competition, 2015 Germany - Turkey "Teacher Cultural Exchange Project". In 2017, he took part as art director in the "Mülldrum" education and concert project, in which Turkish and German students participated.

Güneş Yakartepe

Composer - Pianist

He was born in 1997 in Istanbul. Passing the level exam in the 8th grade, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. He was accepted to the full-time piano and part-time clarinet departments at the State Conservatory. He got a certificate by completing the “Part Time Clarinet Training” (six levels) program. He studied with Asst. Assoc. Perim HAMIDOGLU and Prof. Burcu AKTAS URGUN. In 2013, he won the conservatory soloist selection exam with the first place and performed a concerto with Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Young Orchestra at Besiktas Fulya Art Center and Yunus Emre Culture Center. n 2014, he won the "Best Turkish Composer Interpreter" award at the Pera International Piano Competition. He attended masterclasses of such masters as Prof. Tamara PODDUBNAYA, Assoc. Dr. Ferid ADIGUZELZADE, Philippe RASKIN. e completed high school in the piano department of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University State Conservatory and passed the license exam and gained the right to continue the undergraduate. However, he preferred Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music State Conservatory Composition Department as it includes the Turkish makam music curriculum as well as classical Western music. He studied Harmony, Orchestration, Counterpoint and Polyphony in Turkish Music with Lecturer Dr. Nail YAVUZOGLU. He continued his composition studies with Asst. Prof. Dr. Eray ALTINBUKEN Asst. Prof. Dr. Oguzhan BALCI. During his undergraduate period, he continued his piano studies with Prof. Devlet Devrim OZTAS. e worked as an assistant student at the ITU State Conservatory for two terms as the correpetrator of the ITU TMDK Polyphonic Choir. The composition "What if I Say", written for Kanun, Kemençe, Ney, Piano and Soprano, was performed at the Greek Thessaloniki State Conservatory Music Festival (SKG Bridges Festival) in May 2019. He composed Fuzuli's "Water Ode" for the International Organization of Waterways Cities on order. Throughout his career,He held many musical seminars and performed many piano recitals.

Gunes Yakartepe is currently a graduate student of Istanbul Technical University Institute of Social Sciences "Music Theory and Composition". She continues her piano and composition studies.During his education; He composed many music in various genres including maqam music, chamber music and symphonic structure.

His Works:
•"Nocturne" for Piano and Violin
•Theme and Variations for Piano and Clarinet
•Sonata for Piano and Flute "To My Mother"
•"Aylan's Scream" for Piano and Soprano
•"What if I say/Desem ki" for Kanun, Kemençe, Ney, Piano & Soprano
•Piece for Orchestra
•"The Quest" for Kanun, Kemençe, Ney and String Orchestra
••"Cosmos" for Strings Orchestra
•"Turkish Symphonic Dance No: 1" for orchestra
•"I'm Afraid" for the Big Orchestra and Choir
•"Incomprehensible" for the Grand Orchestra and Choir

Ilgın Ülkü

Composer - Violinist

Ilgın Ülkü was born in a family of musicians in Istanbul. She started playing the piano and composing at the age of 5. She started officially violin lessons at the age of 9 with Prof. Nuri İyicil and later with Pelin Halkacı Akın at the MSGSÜ State Conservatory Istanbul.

Between 2013-2014 (Erasmus program) she got violin lessons from Prof. Krzysztof Wegrzyn in HMTM Hannover. After working with Andrej Bielow, she completed her master in violin performance at Hochschule für Künste Bremen, Germany. She finished with full marks (Katrin Scholz's class). She has worked actively with Dora Schwarzberg at the Mozarteum Summer Academy and participated in masterclasses with important artists such as Tanja Becker Bender, Monika Urbaniak, Andrzej Kulka, Hagai Shaham, Lev Gelbard and Ayla Erduran during masterclasses.

In 2019, she was invited to the Luzern Festival Academy and the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra as a violinist. As a member of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, she gave concerts with Maestro Daniel Barenboim at some of the most important venues such as the concert hall of BBC Proms (Royal Albert hall), Salzburger Festspiele, Lucerne Festival KKL and Waldbühne Berlin.

She has got the 2nd place in the violin category in the National Lions Club Competition, Honorable Mention in IDSO Soloist auditions, and 3rd place in the category of violin in Italy Filadelfia Competitions. She has also performed with the Kammerensemble Konsonanz Orchestra, of which she is still a member. So far, this collaboration has resulted in two CDs with the titles "Aurora" and "Barroqueanas Venezolanas". Ilgın has been invited as a soloist to the AIMA Music Festival in 2018, and performed in concert halls such as Sendesaal Bremen, Konzerthaus Berlin, Laieszhalle Hamburg, Kurhaus Wiesbaden, die Glocke Bremen in Germany in 2019. Her repertoire includes mostly works of the 20th century music and later.

Simultaneously with a remarkable violin activity, she started having composition lessons with Prof. Hasan Uçarsu and Özkan Manav (MSGSÜ) and later with Jörg Birkenkötter in Hochschule für Künste Bremen. She got the first performances of her works from the Süreyya Opera House Istanbul "Journey of Sound" Festival, the Berlin Philharmonic Hall (by Kammerensemble Konsonanz Bremen), the Jakoby Saal Hannover (by Trio Comet) and from important concert halls such as Haus im Park Bremen. Ilgın currently pursues her PhD in violin performance at MSGSÜ and simultaneously continues her education in music composition at HMTM Hannover, Germany with Prof. Gordon Williamson and Prof. Joachim Heintz.

Her works:
•Solo Violin „Yarım kalan söz“ 2010
•Solo Piccolo „Farenin dansı/Dance of the Mouse“ 2011
•Solo Flute „Expansion“ 2012
•Solo Violin no.2 „Violinsolo“ 2016
•Two Violin „Ich werde wieder Wach“ 2018
•Violin & Piano „Büyükada, bir adadan tablolar“ 2018
•Trio (Violin, Soprano Saxophone & Piano) „Ich muss dir ehrlich sagen“ 2019
•String Quintet (1. Violin, 2. Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Contrabass) „Sich Motivieren“ 2020
•Solo Alto Saxophone „warten, er-warten“ 2020
•String Orchestra „Ikarus“ 2020

Yağız Oral

Composer - Classical & Film Musics

His musical career started in his first year of middle school by playing guitar in 2011. He started open high school programme in order to prepare for the conservatory exams and graduated in 2015. He worked with Onur Aymergen on jazz guitar. In the same year, he joined Alegria polyphonic Choir, TRT polyphonic Youth Choir and T.C.The Ministry of Culture the Polyphonic Youth Choir. After giving various concerts in Turkey and abroad with these choir communities, he focused his education on composing. After starting his essay work with Hacettepe University State Conservatory lecturer Argun Defne, he entered the Department of composition and music theory of Başkent University State Conservatory in 2016. He also attended the composition seminars organized by Bilkent University Faculty of Music and Performing arts. He continues his composition and conducting studies with Orhun Orhon, Işın Metin and Ibrahim Yazıcı. In 2017, he worked with Picta organization and conducted the orchestra of the musical "Frozen". He also composed a soundtrack for British film called "Meeting", written and directed by Emre Şen. His song "Light Me Up" was also performed by Emre Şen. By launching
an orchestral project towards the end of 2017, he founded a symphony orchestra that exceeded the number of 60 people within 4 months. He conducted various concerts with a repertory of classical music from various soundtracks. He gave seminars about ‘Music Composition and Being a Musician in Turkey’ in Turkey. "Juncture" a short film directed by Yiğit Karaca, was selected "Official Selection" at the Cannes Film Festival. He also composed its soundtrack. He also composed the music of video games called "Rebirth" and "Cavemen Tales" published by independent producers. In 2018, he was a chorist in the project "Virtual Choir", a mutual project with NASA, which was organized by an American musician Eric Whitacre. He had a chance to give a workshop to the students of the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. In 2019, he started working as a film composer in the company "PxSeller" founded by Efe Tuncay. In the first quarter of 2019, he was invited to Ankara University Alegria Chamber Choir as a guest conductor. He had the opportunity to make a workshop through his repertoires, especially his own choral works. In August 2019, he attended the join one of the conducting masterclasses held within the scope of Bodrum-Gumusluk Classical Music Festival, with Lior Shambadal. And he conducted the Bodrum Chamber Orchestra accompanied by Gülsin Onay. He was invited to Istanbul for conducting the orchestra called Indigo Philharmonic Orchestra in İstanbul. He currently works with Agora Youth Symphony Orchestra as a music director and with independent filmmakers in countries like England, The United States, Canada, Hungary and Australia to make the musics of long and short films.