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Arda İşkol (born 7 June 1998) is a Turkish composition student. He was accepted in Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory in 2009 as a violin student. He studied violin for seven years and in this period, he was part of several masterclasses and gave plenty concerts in Turkey and in Europe with orchestras, ensembles and also as a solo player. After studying violin, he started his composition studies in 2016. Since then, he participated some well known Turkish composers masterclasses. In winter semester 2019/20 he studied composition at the Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe within the Erasmus program. In his time there, he had the chance to study with Wolfgang Rihm and Markus Hechtle. He won a prize for his composition in a lied competition organized for German poet Friedrich Hölderlin’s 250th birthday. He also won the first prize of Süreyya Oper Kadıköy Municipality Competition in 2022. Currently he continues his composition studies with Turgay Erdener in Turkey.

His Works:

•Chase, night & blue’ – for ensemble (2019)

•Violin Concerto (2020)

•Lied der Liebe – for soprano & piano (2020)

•Plusieurs Occurrences – for flute, bass clarinet, trompet, percussion & piano (2020)

•Cello Concerto (2020)

•String Quartet (2020)

•Mouvement for Orchestra (2021)